mitch p

Working as a sales rep at All Solutions Pest Control was one of the best decisions I made while in college. Working here gave my wife and I the freedom to travel fun places, focus purely on school, and not worry about finances throughout the year. The reason that I was really attracted to All Solutions when I was deciding whether summer sales…was right for me, was how the company is family owned and local to the state I worked in. It gave me the assurance I could trust them and know that they really care about me as a sales rep and care about the customers I sold. Even before I headed out my managers held a couple meetings in the spring for training. It was amazing how prepared I was compared to some of the older guys who had sold previously in other companies. When I had struggles overcoming certain issues of selling on the door, the manual that the company provides covers every concern you could imagine confronting while out there for the summer. I was fully confident while on the doors, the service they provide beats out any company, which makes selling that much easier. Summer sales is a difficult job. But with strong determination to succeed and sheer hard work, consistently throughout the full summer, it is the most rewarding and fulfilling job you could possibly do with your time.